About Dreamcrafters

Welcome to Dreamcrafters, introducing Greek crafters and designers in the US market.

We make it easy for you:

  1. No hassle! We are a US-based company and a one-stop-shop for your orders
  2. Selection of over 20 Greek designers with 1,000 product codes
  3. No importing on your part – we deal with all that
  4. No product minimums
  5. Free shipping within the United States
  6. 24/7 online ordering tool to modify or make new orders
  7. High quality look-book product images to use on your social media

Why Greek?

Greek handmade products have a long tradition of premium craftsmanship and design.

However, the production volumes of handmade creations declined at the end of the 20th century, almost close to extinction. That has now changed. During the past decade, we witnessed the rebirth of the Greek creative sector, fueled by an unprecedented financial crisis. Crisis surely breeds creativity and many young talented Greeks turned to creative professions, bridging new designs with traditional techniques.

Also, prices have dropped, making Greek handmade products more marketable than ever. Nowadays, Greek handmade products have excellent quality and design at very competitive prices.

For the past 5 years with Creativebizlab.com (founders of Dreamcrafters.gr), we have worked with more than 1,500 Greek creatives, helping them improve their products, branding and marketability to the US market.

Now we invite you to our new journey.
At Dreamcrafters we are committed to creating value for you, by making unique Greek handmade products easily accessible.

7 Jason Lane
Mamaroneck NY 10543

New York office:
Georgia Vassilakos
email: gv@dreamcrafters.gr

Athens Greece office:
Zacharias Polymenakos
Mavromichali 1 Athens 10679
email: zp@dreamcrafters.gr
email: sales@dreamcrafters.gr

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